Tours Chetumal

Frontera Mexico to Belize and travel from Chetumal to Flores, Guatemala. All you need to know.

Chetumal serves as a base of operations to make the border crossing between the two countries. The strategic location of the city offers different alternatives air, water and land. Documents and taxes to keep in mind.


Every day travelers from all over the world travel the Mexican coast with the idea of ​​going to Belize and enjoy the different attractions that this country offers. Chetumal, capital of the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico, is the city that facilitates the crossing of people between these two points.

One of the most common options is to take the ADO bus that departs from Bacalar (40 kilometers from Chetumal) to Belize City, with stops in Corozal and Orange Walk. This bus departs every day and can also be taken directly at the border.

Another cheaper option is to use the local yellow buses known as Chicken Bus. They have cheaper prices but do not offer the comfort and luxury of the ADO. They can be taken from the Chetumal bus station or at the Veracruz street market.
Chicken Buses can also be taken directly at the border. This service is available every day. It is a good choice for

people traveling on a tight budget.

Water taxis

Every day you can cross the border between Mexico and Belize by sea. From the port of Chetumal, cabarets depart to Belize City, stopping at the paradise island of Caye Caulker, famous for its proximity to the coral reef and Blue Hole.

Caye Caulker is the main destination of Belize and stands out for its tranquility, its blue waters and all the marine life of the place. This reef or coral reef is the second largest after it is found in Australia and Oceania.
Water Taxis have very flexible schedules. The price of the journey from Chetumal to Cake Caulker starts at USD 25. It is an excellent option to tour this place full of nature and life.

Private taxis

A somewhat more expensive but very effective option is to take two private taxis. The first from Chetumal to the border and then, once the papers are done, take another to Belize City. There are different companies that offer the service. The best way is to get one or two travelers to split the cost of this trip.


From Chetumal you can take direct flights to Mexico City with the airlines Viva Aerobus, Interjet and Volaris. You can go to Belize City with Tropic Air and Cancun with MAYAir.

Travel from Chetumal to Flores, Guatemala

Daily departures from the two cities, stopping in Belize City. The trip takes about 12 hours. Departures from Chetumal at 9 am. The trip must be booked one day in advance. It is necessary to present the passport on the borders between Guatemala and Belize and Mexico and Belize.

Taxes and documents

Pass out of Mexico and Belize must pay exit taxes.
At the entrance they do not charge anything.
Passport must be valid for at least 90 days.